Women’s wallet – Pink 2 WN10

Women’s wallet – Pink 2 WN10

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Women’s wallet – Pink 2 WN10

Dimension: 19cm/7.48inch X 12cm/4.72inch

Product key: Women’s wallet – Pink 2 WN10


Introducing the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship – our exquisite handmade natural leather women’s wallet in a stunning pink hue. Welcome to Iguana Handmade’s online shop, where luxury meets nature-inspired artistry.

Crafted with passion and precision, this wallet is a true testament to our commitment to quality. Made from the finest natural leather, every piece showcases the unique grains and textures that only genuine leather can provide. The soft and supple feel of the leather not only enhances its luxurious appeal but also ensures lasting durability, promising to be your faithful companion for years to come.

Measuring at a perfect balance of functionality and style, this wallet boasts dimensions of 19cm (7.48 inches) in length and 12cm (4.72 inches) in width. Its compact yet spacious design is tailored to accommodate your essentials without compromising on comfort or convenience. Slip it effortlessly into your handbag or carry it as a chic standalone accessory – the choice is yours.

The captivating pink color of the wallet adds a touch of femininity and sophistication to your ensemble. The shade is carefully selected to resonate with the vibrancy of nature while exuding a sense of timeless elegance. This wallet effortlessly elevates your style and showcases your impeccable taste.

What truly sets this piece apart is the meticulous craftsmanship behind its creation. Every stitch and fold is a labor of love, executed by skilled artisans who take pride in their work. The attention to detail is evident in every corner, ensuring a flawless finish that complements the wallet’s overall aesthetic.

Whether you’re stepping into the boardroom, heading out for a social gathering, or simply embarking on your daily adventures, this handmade natural leather women’s wallet from Iguana Handmade is the perfect accessory to have by your side. Experience the fusion of nature’s beauty and human artistry – a masterpiece that speaks volumes about your unique style and appreciation for quality. Discover the essence of luxury at Iguana Handmade’s online shop.

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