Women’s wallet – Blue light WN5

Women’s wallet – Blue light WN5

60.50$ + tax

Women’s wallet – Blue light WN5

Dimension: 14cm/5.51inch X 10cm/3.94inch

Product key: Women’s wallet – Blue light WN5


Introducing our exquisite handcrafted women’s wallet, a true embodiment of elegance and craftsmanship, now available in a captivating blue light color. This wallet is meticulously designed and created by the skilled artisans at Iguana Handmade, an online shop renowned for its commitment to quality and authenticity.

Color Palette: The wallet’s unique blue light hue captures the essence of tranquility and sophistication. It’s a shade that seamlessly transitions between day and night, adding a touch of understated glamour to any ensemble.

Natural Leather: Crafted from the finest natural leather, this wallet exudes a timeless charm that only improves with age. The leather’s inherent durability ensures that this accessory will remain a cherished piece in your collection for years to come.

Handcrafted Beauty: The wallet’s impeccable design is a testament to the dedication of our artisans. Every stitch and detail is meticulously placed, reflecting their passion and expertise. Each wallet is a work of art, carrying with it the essence of the hands that shaped it.

Functional Elegance: While beauty is essential, functionality is equally important. This wallet boasts a well-thought-out interior layout, featuring compartments for your cards, cash, and even a dedicated slot for your ID. The intuitive arrangement ensures that you stay organized without compromising on style.

Eco-Friendly Choice: At Iguana Handmade, we’re committed to sustainability. The natural leather used in this wallet is sourced responsibly, reflecting our dedication to both style and environmental consciousness.

Versatile and Chic: Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, a casual outing, or a special event, this wallet complements a wide range of occasions. Its versatile design ensures that it’s not just a wallet – it’s a statement piece that completes your ensemble.

Perfect Gift: Looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one? This handcrafted wallet embodies care and luxury. Its stunning blue light color and artisanal craftsmanship make it a perfect present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion worth celebrating.

Limited Availability: Each wallet is painstakingly handcrafted, resulting in a limited quantity available. This exclusivity adds an extra layer of allure, making owning one of these wallets an honor and a privilege.

Discover the fusion of artistry and practicality with our natural leather women’s wallet in a mesmerizing blue light color. Elevate your style and make a statement with an accessory that speaks volumes about your taste and appreciation for the finer things in life. Shop now at Iguana Handmade and experience the essence of true craftsmanship.

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