Choosing the material for making a handbag is one of the most important things. Each leather is determined by its structure, i.e. whether it is softer or harder, thicker or thinner, thicker or thinner, for which model of handbag it will be most suitable.

This is where the experience of our masters comes to the fore.

We prefer exclusively cow leather for the production of our products because it is also the best quality due to its durability and durability.

The most beautiful appearance of the handbag is when it is made of two different shades of leather, then the leather itself comes to the fore.


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The process of making a pattern (template) for a handbag is the task of the modeller, who is also the creator of the model itself.

Our masters in direct contact with our customers design models that will be produced or made to order as unique models.

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According to tailoring patterns (templates), parts of leather of various dimensions are cut, which when put together will give the appropriate part of the bag, such as: side, stitch, lid, lower lid or some other part of the bag.

On each part of the cardboard, holes are marked or lines are drawn where the buckle for opening the purse will be placed, and the lines where the purses will be thinned and later folded.

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In order for the skin to bend in the appropriate place, it must be thinned. In most cases, the leather is thinned at the ends with a shirf machine , so this operation is called shirfanje . Rarely, the leather does not have to be stitched, and it depends on the model being made. For example, retro handbags look rustic just like that, but they are special models that should look just like that. As for the more elegant and fashionable handbags, they include this type of processing.

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Bending of the leather is done with the help of a bone or this time with a hammer in order to make the part easier to glue and at the same time prepare for sewing, therefore the edges that need to be stitched are softer and the sewing process is easier.

When bending the edges, the edge itself must be correctly bent, because the very appearance of the handbag depends on this whole process.

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On one of the parts of the bag, our stamp is imprinted, which is also proof of the quality and durability of the product itself. This trademark is our trademark that remains permanently on our products. Each skin requires a certain temperature when pressed.

Stamping is done by heating the press and pressing it on a certain visible part of the product before assembly.


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Sewing and assembling a handbag is one of the most demanding and serious processes. Each stitch must be equally measured with taste, a good choice of colors and thread thickness so that the handbag itself shines in its full glory. The studs must be precise, follow the line of the bag and therefore become one of the decorations on the bag itself.

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If you are interested in learning the craft of harness, saddlery and saddlery – feel free to contact us at [email protected] , we will be more than happy to have someone to continue our tradition.


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